Naviborn Ltd. is a company that offers its customers a variety of maritime and ship services:


Naviborn offers commercial vessel management, both technical and safety management, together with its associated partners.
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In addition to normal day-to-day management, we also:
  • Pre-purchase inspections;
  • Ship valuation;
  • Financing of projects;
  • Sale & Purchase;
  • Dry dock planning and repair;
  • New construction supervision;
With our experience, both in commercial and technical aspects, we could initiate new shipping projects or to restructure existing ones. All our vessels are classified to the highest standards by IACS member classification societies.

Our employment contracts for crew are drawn up to the highest standards and our company is strictly committed to onboard safety, environmental protection, alcohol and drug free, anti-harassment and violence policies.


Naviborn provides quality solutions through broker services to ship owners, carriers and charterers.
Chartering has always been one of our company's core activities. As competitive brokers, we focus our activity on arranging customized solutions for projects of:
  • Bulk cargo;
  • Very heavy loads;
  • Оversized cargoes.
Our mission is to truly serve our customers at every stage of their project and to provide the most reliable solution for their worldwide deliveries. We initiate and manage contracts for:
  • Single voyage;
  • Shipment;
  • Time charter hire.
Challenging inquiries require careful analysis of requirements from both parties. In order to find the right answers, we maintain excellent time-tested partners.


Our aim is to ensure an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention.
In view of the fact that no two companies or shipowners are the same and that ships operate under extremely varied conditions, the Safety Management Code is based on generalized objectives and principles.

This Safety Manual is intended to describe how and where the Company has defined the fulfillment of the requirements of the IMO International Safety Management Code, and to ensure that written procedures are in place for guidance to the Master and Chief Officers on important security issues in ship operations, and also to assist the Master and Chief Officers with instructions for action in the event of dangerous situations.

The safety system objectives are to ensure:
  • Safety at sea, preventing injury or loss of human life, avoiding damage to the environment, especially the marine environment, as well as property.
  • Safe practice in ship operation and safe working environment.
  • Assessing all identified risks to the Company's vessels, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate precautions.


Naviborn as an "S&P" broker will advise you and mediate in the purchase or sale of existing vessels or in concluding contracts with shipyards for newly built vessels.
Naviborn provides consulting services in sale & purchase and registration of vessels:
  • We prepare your vessel's documents for registration with the ЕА "Maritime Administration";
  • We advise and assist with vessel registration;
  • We can advise you for the sale and purchase of vessels like: boats, yachts, ships, motorboat, scooters, jets and others.
Shipowners carry out two types of trade: buying and selling ships and providing maritime transport services. In carrying out this trade, ship owners usually use shipbrokers. The relationship between shipowners and shipbrokers is reviewed and analyzed.

Shipping provides sea and river transport services, and is part of the global maritime transport industry. Shipbrokers are specialized intermediaries between shipowners and shippers who use ships to transport cargo, also intermediaries between buyers and sellers of vessels.

Brokers promote opportunities and discuss market trends with shipowners, shippers, investors and bankers, as well as reporting on market sales, vessel values, market trends and activity.