Safety management

Our aim is to ensure an international standard for the safe management and operation of ships and pollution prevention.

In view of the fact that no two companies or shipowners are the same and that ships operate under extremely varied conditions, the Safety Management Code is based on generalized objectives and principles.

This Safety Manual is intended to describe how and where the Company has defined the fulfillment of the requirements of the IMO International Safety Management Code, and to ensure that written procedures are in place for guidance to the Master and Chief Officers on important security issues in ship operations, and also to assist the Master and Chief Officers with instructions for action in the event of dangerous situations.

The safety system objectives are to ensure:

  • Safety at sea, preventing injury or loss of human life, avoiding damage to the environment, especially the marine environment, as well as property.
  • Safe practice in ship operation and safe working environment.
  • Assessing all identified risks to the Company's vessels, personnel and the environment and establishing appropriate precautions.